October 5

Sing a Song

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
(bounce fingers on opposite palm)
One fell off and bumped his (or her) head
(tap head)
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said...
(pretend to talk on the phone)
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"
(shake index finger)
(continue with four, three, two and one)


Ten, Nine, Eight

Try This

Count by fives and tens as high as your child can go. 

Read a Book

Here are two book recommendations for today. Check out the picture book collection at your local library, where there are lots of books to choose from! Find nearby libraries

  • Numbers at the Park by Charles Ghigna; illustrated by Ag Jatkowska
  • Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang

Explore More

See the October Activity Calendar for many more fun, educational activities you and your child can do anytime!