March 3

Sing a Song

My Kite

The winds of March begin to blow,
And it is time for kites, you know.
Here's the way I make my kite;
Watch and help me do it right.
I cross two sticks, so thin and long,
Tied together good and strong;
And across the middle to make it bend;
I measure and cut the paper gay,
And paste along the edge this way;
A ball of string to hold my kite,
When it sails almost out of sight;
And here's my kite all ready to go!
Please, March Wind, begin to blow!


Learn about wind from Bill Nye, the Science Guy!

Try This

Flying kites is a fun activity to do in the spring! Make a mini kite with paper, popsicle sticks, and string. Use different colors and tape it to a window. Talk with your child about what you think it feels like to hold a kite and what the wind feels like.

Read a Book

Here are two book recommendations for today. Check out the picture book collection at your local library, where there are lots of books to choose from! Find nearby libraries

  • Plants Can't Sit Still by Rebecca Hirsch; illustrated by Mia Posada
  • Kite Day: a Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand

Explore More

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